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The JKUAT Society of Engineering Students is a body established for that student who desires to discover what lies beyond books. SES's activities are geared towards holistic development of its members, moulding individuals who are not only well adapted at classroom level, but also stand out in the practical scene and corporate engineering world at large.
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We take care of the engineering students interests: developing activities and frameworks that develop the JKUAT Engineering Student into a holistic individual.
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SES Events

4 Apr
One of the core objectives of JKUAT SES is to enable the enhancement of its member’s soft skills- particularly Public Speaking and Leadership. It is with this in mind that this committee was incorporated into the Society as an extension of the Toastmasters International Organization.
11 Apr
Engineers go beyond just numbers and science, they possess unique talents in addition to their studies. We at SES aim to discover these talents and to recognise the best amongst us. All are welcome to attend and present.
18 Apr
SES aims to both recognise current entrepreneurs and to inspire new ones. Aspiring entrepreneurs from various fields of interest such as online business, integrated systems, fashion, art, engineering solutions are invited to attend and showcase.
25 Apr
SES projects is the beating heart of the society of engineering students. It is the only place where we get to grow and nurture our skills as engineers to become better engineers and forge a better future. It is where great minds meet to turn ideas into reality, dreams into tangible objects, and vision into a whole new thing. Come and listen as both the committee and brilliant innovators show some of the projects they have been working on.
2 May
One of the core objectives of JKUAT SES is to enable the enhancement of its member’s soft skills- particularly Public Speaking and Leadership. It is with this in mind that the Toastmasters session is important to overall development of the student engineer. All are welcome to participate.
9 May
This promises to be one of the most interesting events in our calendar this year. Questions will range from multiple sources within the engineering industry and there are great prizes to be won. Come participate and build your knowledge!
16 May
Mentorship remains a key tool in SES as it has proven to be a successful means of preparing engineering students with relevant skills and knowledge for ease of entry into the job industry. This Tuesday will have former SES members now working within the industry in the country and beyond. SES members and engineering students are invited to attend and learn from these great minds.
23 May
Innovations go beyond economic solutions to social solutions, solutions that focus beyond just making money to just solving community problems. We at SES do our part in building the society and we invite you to come attend, see the innovations we have and be encouraged to do great things within your areas.
30 May
SES is made up of committees, they are the lifeline of what we do and are crucial for the execution of our programs and interaction with the students, administration and the corporate world. On this final meeting of the school calendar year, come and listen in as the committee heads present to us their achievements within the calendar year and their plans going forward.

meet the executive committee

These are the amazing people running SES currently

Brenda Nyaringita


Hampton Macharia

Vice chairperson

Terry Njoroge

Secretary General

Dan Torut


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