About Programming

About Programming

It’s not easy-peasy

Hi there, interested in coding? Well I was too and a few years down the line I do have a few lessons to share. I would like to tell you that learning to code is easy-peasy, it’s not.
I am no expert either and you might want to think maybe, just maybe, it’s because am daft or lazy which again is not true.

Okay, maybe just a little tiny puny tinge of laziness. Aren’t we all?

Anyway I digress, I am still in my toddler years of coding, crawling actually despite the fact that I have been at it for about a year on and off mostly self-teaching online on apps like Sololearn and YouTube videos and practicing on IDEs and text editors such as CodeBlocks, Pycharm and Atom on my PC. You need to have a cocktail of passion, patience, determination and commitment to succeed in this murky field


It’s not all gloom though, the gratification that comes from mastering coding is definitely worth it and the opportunities thereof that follow in employment, social circles or entrepreneurship. But to achieve these dizzying heights of bliss you need to make a conscious decision to work your ass off and give up some of your precious time to writing lines of code on regular basis.

Online courses

You don’t have to self-teach by the way, there are online academies like Udemy where at a fee you can learn online with help from tutors and get your certificate or join colleges around the country such as Zalego where you can go for onsite classes at a fee of course but the process is less harrowing. You can also inquire at your university or college if they offer the short term programming courses.

No formula

If you decide to self-teach, then you need to meticulously plan how you’re going to go about it. There’s no formula, some say learning HTML, CSS, Java and Javascript first is easier and that C, C++ and C# are complicated hence should be learnt later.
I say know yourself, research these languages and decide for yourself what will start with. All you need is to believe in your abilities and work towards your goals.

DON’T wait for the right time ,start today. You can even code on a smartphone there are free text editors like Anwriter and IDEs like Pycharm and others that are available in Google play store. So you got absolutely no excuse for procrastinating.

Everyone can gerrit

Another thing is the misconception that only STEM students or professionals in ICT are in a good position to learn programming. Mark you there are law, business or even theology students who code. It’s not dependent on any previous subjects, you can be that guru in programming in your neighborhood, and nothing is stopping you.

Let’s go

So grab that smartphone or PC and install these apps, text editors and IDES and start programming. Most of the information on how to install and use them are online just Google ‘em. All the paraphernalia is a button away. See you in the programming world. GOOD LUCK.

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