I greet you all in the name of the force. 

 I am a Telecommunications and Information Engineering student, currently in my 5th year. 

This short write up is to highlight a few ways in which a student on campus can generate extra income. This income can always be used to improve your quality of life during your stay.

 Well, the reason for enrolling for a course at the University as we are all aware, is to pursue a degree and make the best out of the opportunities that come out way. 

This sounds pretty straight forward, but when marred with financial challenges, it all becomes an uphill climb. 

Not only do we find ourselves hungry, but also lacking in other essential and non-essential needs. After all, a hungry man is an angry man therefore extra income is always welcome, with that let us then dive right into how to earn those extra bucks.

1. Online Jobs

The first and I believe the most popular is online writing. Online writing entails writing papers and doing assignments for students in institutions of higher learning across the globe, with the USA and UK being the most popular.

 It involves acquiring an account on online writing platforms, such as  

Unfortunately, getting a personal account is quite costly. The workaround on this is to find someone who already owns one and then signing up to be one of their writers. 

In a good working relationship, the returns are quite lucrative, and better yet, payments are mostly made every fortnight. Brilliant, right?

 To take it a notch higher, students in technical courses are at a greater advantage because skill-based or technical assignments fetch higher returns.

 Well, get out there, acquire a skill, and the world of writing will come at you with many opportunities.

Additionally, and still, in relation to online jobs, there are numerous platforms online where students and the general public can work as freelancers. Such include  Upwork ,

 Freelancer ,

 and Hiresine among others, just to mention a few. 

The beauty of signing up with these is that you get a broader client base all over the world.

 Additionally, you can negotiate your working terms with the client, having perks such as even being paid to work per hour.

 I bet you like the ring of that.

 It is, however, important to note that in order for you to remain relevant and competitive, you have to be very good at the skill you offer.

 This thus necessitates you to spend some good hours practicing and learning. Your negotiation skills for the jobs have to be quite good too so that you do not miss out on clients simply because you were a bit over-ambitious in your quotations. You can always find mentors to guide on this.


2. Volunteer Work

Another way of earning extra money is by doing volunteer work.

Many prestigious organizations and individuals including the UN regularly host events and conferences. They advertise calls to involve volunteers to assist.

In most cases, they usually pay considerable stipends for these services. There are also several opportunities for volunteers to train others on easy skills, such as teaching kids the basics of coding.

An added advantage to all these volunteer opportunities is they provide you with an opportunity to meet many individuals in whichever industry you have an interest in, for free!

Imagine meeting the head of Operations of Company x, that you aspire to work for at such events. You already have a conversation starter, as you can simply state that you’re there to volunteer and would appreciate more opportunities that come up in the future. How cool is that? Luckily, many of these take place during the weekend, so why not earn something extra at the weekend, instead of doing that which you know best.

3. Attachments


Dare I not forget to mention attachments or student internships .

It is not assured that you will get attached to an organization that pays, but it is always worth it to try.

On the bright side, you get empowered with skills that you can use to hunt for jobs online, like in my case. I got the opportunity to do my attachment at Nokia Corporation. While there, I sharpened my computer and networking skills under my supervisor and other teams.

Today, I cannot thank them enough because of the many opportunities that have come my way once I had that published on my LinkedIn profile.

Which also reminds me, get your profile updated and put it out there. You never know who’s searching for someone who meets your criteria.

4. Entrepreneurship

Finally, if one has the capital or a means to acquire some, then you can always look for business opportunities to sell a few commodities here and there on campus.

You can advertise yourself through your friends and social media to have a good outreach and increase your customer base.

Identifying your niche is as easy as finding the service that your friends complain about and finding a way to solve that problem.

The trick, however, lies in the execution of your plan, so sit down and come up with a solid business plan. Never await the perfect time though, so take the risk, dive in and see what fish the ocean has in store for you.


As I conclude, I hope that you have noticed, that is if you read between the lines (haha), that most of the above-aforementioned tips are skill-based tips. That is the direction the world is taking in terms of opportunities and available jobs.

I thus urge you to identify an area of interest and begin learning. The internet is your best friend when it comes to online content. It is even better now, a blessing in disguise in fact during this Corona-virus time, as many platforms that offer online learning are currently offering them free, to make your stay at home worthwhile. An example is Udemy and Pluralsight, among others. 

So get ‘googling’ and I wish you the best. May the force be with you. 


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