Of late I’ve been feeling like I need to have vast knowledge on all of Shakespeare’s work, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe,Jane Austen just to mention but a few. I have always had a passion and admiration for literature. On the contrary, I am an engineering major.

Words are powerful. Words are playful.My love for words was inspired by my dad. He’d save crosswords and codewords for us to fill in the evening, often over a cup of well cooked tea.I would sit next to him as we pondered over various codeword puzzles.

From him I learnt some fun facts about the Queen’s language. Did you know that ‘e’ is the most common letter in English words? And that letter ‘q’ is almost always followed by ‘u’, except in certain words such as ’burqa’, ‘qat’ Which are borrowed from other languages.

“A powerful agent is the right word. Whenever we come upon one of those intensely right words… the resulting effect is physical as well as spuritual and electrically prompt”~Mark Twain

Who’s to say that we can’t love things that are not in the fields we are in? I believe that science and literature are very much related and they go hand in hand with each other. Most science lovers tend to love comics and words that are well choreographed to even form puns.

My all time favourite comedy show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ depicts that science lovers entirely love language, and that the articulate use of grammar is not a matter of question.If Sheldon doesn’t teach us that then I don’t know who will!

I was so thrilled when I learnt about ‘toast masters’ as a sub-category in The Society of Engineering students at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, where I am studying.(Though currently they’ve branched into an independent club of their own)

The society of engineering students aims to create a platform where all engineering students can learn and share knowledge. It also provides a platform for students who are interested in innovation and can thus involve themselves in technological projects.

What appealed to me most was the ‘toast masters’. Here people get to hone skills in public speaking; to be courageous and bold enough to express themselves in front of groups of people; to debate points and partake in thrilling intellectual interactions. When certain speakers give speeches that are well prepared, masterfully delivered and dotted with humor, you can do nothing but listen and marvel.

Some campus students don’t get the chance to decompress and just unwind especially with the educational system and us doing courses that require all the mental and emotional strength we’ve got. Platforms like toastmasters not only act as brain teasers but they also mould us into better versions of ourselves. What would be better than killing two birds with one stone? We unwind with puns and conversations we rarely have whilst bettering our careers and gaining the connections we would otherwise deem impossible to get. It indeed is a win-win for all of us.

There’s no better way to enjoy campus life than using every opportunity offered to ace goals and have fun. Balance! Language really takes people places and just knowing how to carry out one-self plays an important role in the opportunities we get in life.

Life is artistic, and that explains why specific people like Shakespeare are considered legendary. It is because they turn their gifts into art. Science is similar to this because it is the backbone of life .Both science and art are human attempts to understand the world around us. Artists and Scientists are always trying to invent new and better concepts to attempt their goals. Won’t it then be logical to say that science and art roll hand in hand?

This is to the creatives who find themselves in fields that deal with science. There is nothing wrong with that and it’s simply being a jack of more than one trade! You can ace quantum physics while doing DIY art decors for your home. After all, doesn’t the society shape our thinking to be versatile in such a way that we don’t carry all our eggs in one basket?

We are more than capable of climbing the lofty heights atop the cooperate ladder. If anything, art has a lot to do with detail and precision. From health sciences all the way to engineering, mathematical and building sciences, precision is key. This is to show us that science and art might just be close enough to being two peas in a pod or the pina to your colada!

You can be a jack of many trades. Go be you, do you and bless the society with your work. Amen?!! While at it, don’t forget to unwind.All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy/Jill a dull girl. JKUAT SES is the place to be.

I may be N Er Dy but only periodically

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