Why Nations Fail? Has been the main recipe of every democracy in existence or nonexistence. It is a developmental change in which every country despite its physical size, shape and geographical location must undergo in its existence. So if you want to test a man’s character, just give him power.

Through nations failure is where we derive from the level of success. Therefore success is a measure of the percentage failure and through the failure curve we obtain the success level. To this measure, I use failure to characterize the challenges the human kind has to undergo through in order succeed.

I take the the analogy of a basic fundamental concept in human development, that is walking.

No one has ever given up on walking and it is a parent’s dream for their child to walk. It begins with the first steps which characterizes everything that a human being will undertake in its course of existence.

That is why they came up with the phrase “baby steps”. Through baby steps we developed our walking techniques which are basically influenced by failure such as falling down, bruised elbows, knees, foreheads and also pulling down valuable items on our way as we try master the art of walking.

Everyone has to undergo this stage hence walking is the easiest,
cheapest and most common means of mobility in life.
Taking “baby steps” as an ideology we get to derive so many other things that we practice and apply in our livelihoods.

Examples include: language and speech, education and academics, professional practice, technology, art, religion, economic activities, evolution, politics, war and democracy which all start or started with baby steps and have evolved hence bringing the new world order or revolution.

I will focus on democracy to explain why nations fail because it influences all the rest of the factors.

A country’s success rate can be measured by the age of its democracy. A mature nation is determined by how it utilizes its democracy.

Each democracy starts with baby steps to get to its mature state. We therefore get people say that their democracy is mature/older than others hence they are more superior and mature than are the less fortunates with a younger democracies.

They claim that some democracies have not even started the “baby steps” ideology hence they are still crawling even in the twenty first century but for them theirs had been tamed back in the wake of eighteenth century.

Tamed democracy they refer to it as being civilised, industrious and democratic thus the rule of the people to the people is is adhered and followed to the letter but not as a doctrine.

All this might not have taken form or shape in the Dark Continent due to the various crisis we encounter generation after generation.

Some say this problems are pandemics, illiteracy, bone idleness,ignorance, lack offocus and awkward cultural beliefs and mindsets. I take it as poor leadership starting from our smallest social setup that is the nuclear family all through to the country’s leadership.

This flaws have been passed over from generation to generation undisturbed until to a point where they are taken as a norm or habit. Anyone who tries to to question or differ from this habitual norm is seen as an enemy of the people or a defector.  

In order to achieve democracy, a country has to abide to its rules and laws that it has made for its citizens. Failure to this, it will lead to modern stratification where we have first, second and third
world countries. By having poor leadership structures and poorly bread leaders, the results and end products are poor democracies which lead to failure of systems in a nation.

Systems in a nation fail due to having the right jobs given to the wrong people or by having systems designed and run by the wrong people; deadbeats. All developing countries with young democracies have got the wrong type of leadership. What brings down these leaders is due to factors like being ethnic, egocentric, having barbaric religious and cultural backgrounds, corruption, nepotism and indolence. This is brought about by the false sense of fulfillment yet it is pretense. 

Our leaders including those in a family setup have the above limitations.

How do we get the right person for the the right job?

Is it by election, nomination, delegation or self appointment?

I leave it to the democracies themselves to choose. If a democracy can get a leader that is not influenced by failure then that is a mature and right democracy. That is the only litmus test currently available which is an issue faced by both democracies that claim to be over four hundred years old and others fifty five years old. 

Each and every country has a democracy that is “sui generis” in that it cannot be exactly the same to the other but they are all characterized by rules, regulations, laws and statutes which define them holistically.

A nation which has problems with the above then it’s a failed democracy. A struggling democracy is the one that it’s population partially believes in in it while a successful democracy is the one that it’s citizens believe and abide to it hence you will find out that their systems work much better and efficiently.

Nations with well defined and working democracies should assist those which have failed.

The problem is that this normally opens up a highway of exploitation of the affected nations thus leading to modern slavery and captivity. Those captive nations are extorted off their natural resources, human power, integrity and culture in exchange of second hand democracy which is normally manipulated by their saviour to suite their needs and wants but not that of the enslaved nation.

All citizens of a nation should be engaged in building a democracy which will cater for all and sandry.

I do not advocate for social equality but for social justice in a particular democracy.

A nation should be just to its citizens but not equal because equality is a subject of another day which has proved cannot work hand in hand with democracy which promotes justice and fairness.

For a democracy to be effective and of first class order, the citizens of the respective nations have to take sacrifices in order to save themselves and their forthcoming generations. Each day should be a positive improvement of the previous one. Repetition of mistakes should be taken as a grave sin and act of misconduct which is heavily punishable by the law indiscriminately.

In conclusion, Leaders should be chosen based on their core principles, ideologies, beliefs, educational backgrounds and work performance but not based on general assumptions or appearance conduct.

Citizens should elect leaders and in all societal positions with good working brains of order and not machine heads with machine hearts who enslave us and treat us cattle yet we are human beings. We should embrace “democracy” and not “demoncracy” technology and science in order to have a decent world of prosperity and honour where all human kind will prosper.

This will lead to a development of a better, mature, sound and efficient democracies which will not fail a nation.

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