Why the coronavirus pandemic may not be as bad as it appears

Why the coronavirus pandemic may not be as bad as it appears

Before you dismiss the title of the article just hear me out for a second.

The year is 1665 and the great Bubonic plague had hit Europe and much of what many would consider to be normal life had come to a stand still . Business had stopped and so many things had come to a stand still.

 A young student from Oxford saw this as a great chance to explore his intellect. And in that short period between 1665 and 1666 an important bedrock of what we consider to be modern tech was invented , what we know as calculus which is one of the most crucial tools in mathematics, came to be all thanks to Isaac Newton.

 He would go on to make a lot more contributions in physics and even come up with the Principia Mathematica, which was the reference point and a focal point for classical physics. Which would stand for hundreds of years up until It was challenged by Einstein.

 That said I do not in any way seek to throw shade to the current situation and I honestly do sympathize with all those who have lost their loved ones or have been affected directly or indirectly by covid-19.

Fast forward a few hundred years later the butterfly effect can’t be more clearly seen than in the spread of the virus.

For the first time in a long time we have seen people coming together to finally appreciate medics and the freedom of movement.


Through the limitations of constant movement, people  have been forced to change lifestyle and it is from these conditions that different people will seek to adjust to their mode of working.

For the first time in a long time people have been forced to reevaluate what they consider as important .

Despite everything  that is going on, there are many ways to cope with the pandemic and make something out of it.

Aside from a spike in sales of sanitizers and tissue due to panic buying , there are still a few positives that will emerge from this whole pandemic.

One will be the emergence of new manufacturing hubs, before the pandemic China was the bedrock of manufacturing and majority of the world’s goods came from the said country. 

Due to the big population and the cheap labor, a good amount of the world’s trade relied heavily on China. china-corona


With the lockdown and bad PR received from the pandemic , it is safe to assume that a good number will be shifting to new partners. And conveniently enough some countries have proven that they have the capability to step in place but their capability to rise to the occasion is something we are all yet to see.

These are the likes of  Brazil , Vietnam and Indonesia. And of course we have all seen the increase in popularity of major apps like zoom , which by all standards was successful even before the pandemic but the value of their stocks has considerably increased in value.

Looking after your mental health during the lockdown

With  all that has been going on, It is easy for anyone to get anxious and just lose sense in one’s sense of comfort. And as a result it is crucial to look out after your mental health.

1. Stay Connected

Make sure you stay connected to your mates as best as you can.

Even if you’re stuck at home, in our interconnected world there are loads of ways to chat to your friends and family, without seeing them IRL.

Play FIFA with your mates. Facetime your mum (she’ll love that). Hell, organise a Google hangout and have a beer if you want to recreate a pub. Connecting and checking in with each other is more important than ever and can help ease the stress caused by all the news.

2. Keeping a daily routine

One way to avoid getting overwhelmed is adapting to the change and maintaining a daily routine. 

This means that for the many things that you were used to doing on a daily basis , you have to restructure your time and acknowledge  that it’s going to be a new normal.

 And a good addition would be exercise , it does a lot of good to the overall health.

3. Limit social media interaction

Social media can easily act as a catalyst or even trigger certain emotions.

Knowing what to take in and learning to limit the amount and quality of information that one is consuming is an important factor to consider.

Also the amount of misinformation that  spreads is overwhelming  on social media platforms.

In Conclusion

As much as it may be absolutely clear that the world’s most definitely headed for a recession, we can only try and cling on to the few positives we can make from the current predicament.
For the first time in a long time most people have been able to go from something they largely considered to be a norm to having an entirely different approach to some of the things they do on a daily basis.
And the pandemic has also made us realize that cooking can also be pretty fun.
We may not all be scientists and engineers but with time we can all tap into our creative and analytic side.
After all if the pandemic is here with us, we might as well make good use of it and not let a good crisis go to waste.

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