by Nashon WIGINAjune 1st, 2021

"I am Nashon Wigina, a mechanical engineering student. I have been in SES for more than four years after joining SES in my first year at the university. Therefore, I have been a member of SES for a large part of my student life, gaining from different elements as I move on with my studies.
Humanity has only been propelled by the combined efforts of like-minded and criticism of open-minded. I have immensely gained from different aspects of SES over the years by interacting with diverse members of SES and people invited by different committees. My love for robotics started in the SES project committee and has grown over the years to a full-time hobby. I was first introduced to Arduino, hardware programming and machine learning through seminars and meetings held by the project committee. Therefore, the project committee has been an integral part of my engineering journey so far. My story cannot be complete without mentioning the immense benefits gained from other committees, such as the corporate committee. The corporate committee introduced me to FIRST Lego League and Lego robotics kits. FIRST Lego League has also been an integral part of my journey as I get to give my time in naturing upcoming engineers for future challenges. I have also enjoyed outreach activities organized by the outreach committee to different high schools and primary schools. In SES, I have gained from interacting with diverse elements and given my time for courses I consider just and noble. Therefore, I have grown both psychologically and intellectually.
SES is not an exception for engineering students willing to build a holistic engineering journey. I believe my life would have been significantly different without the contribution of people I met and the programs I interacted with through SES. Therefore, every engineering student should join SES to broaden their worldview and make a difference through interacting with like-minded and internalizing criticisms from open-minded members of SES."

Nashon Wigina - Final year student, Mechanical Engineering and @jkuatses vice president 2020/2021 at @discoverjkuat .