by Paddy adallahMAY 18th, 2021

When I look back to my campus experience, I can comfortably say that SES was an integral part of the learning and fun experiences that I had. I joined the society in my 2nd year, and became active towards the middle of my 3rd year.
At SES, I met exceptional minds and personalities, ranging from all out geeks to free spirited and adventure loving individuals. Despite their differences, they all shared a common trait; a passion for technology, and the urge to exploit the potential for innovation and solutions that could be derived from it. At SES, the feeling of being in the presence of exceptional minds, and the pride of being part of them would always linger at the back of your mind as you interacted.
Mentorship sessions really came in handy, as the experts the society brought in to share information gave us priceless pieces of advice on how to navigate both our professional and after campus lives. SES would also call upon volunteers amongst ourselves, the members, to talk about fields or topics that we had interests in. Through these, we would harvest tonnes of insightful information, including learning, attachment, and job opportunities. I can comfortably attribute a good portion of the bag of tricks that I have used to navigate my way around my career to these awesome sessions.
The meetings were always vibrant sessions which incorporated games, quizzes, challenges and information sharing sessions, At the end of each of them, you could always feel the anticipation as you waited for the following week to come, packed with more memorable sessions. Dare I not forget to mention the fun parties at the end of each semester where we showcased our fun sides and made merry. I remember one of them, at the end of my 4th year, where I had a memes session, and had one of the best moments sharing and cracking our ribs to the best memes at the time.
Even as I soar to greater heights, SES will always remain an integral part of my building blocks, and part and parcel of my campus highlights. Bravo SES!"

Paddy Adallah @adallah_paddy - Radio Network Engineer, Innovis Telecoms(Airtel Project)