by dennis njengaApril 6th, 2021

My name is Dennis Njenga. During my quest to pursue B.Sc. Civil Engineering course in JKUAT, I came across the Society of Engineering Students (SES) over the internet hence I promised myself to be a member once admitted. In my first month, I was a fully enrolled and paid up member. @jkuat_ses opened doors to join Toastmasters, a public speaking and leadership club, where I was appointed to the social and reception committee later on. I served as a Civil Engineering Course Representative for the academic year 2020/2021, where I was part of the SES Executive Committee. I interacted with other engineering students, practicing engineers and college of engineering university administrators. I also joined SES Projects where it dawned to me that Civil Engineering had nothing new to be invented laughably apart from improvement of building materials and construction techniques and methodologies. I developed a deep interest in CAD/CAM/CAE in Automation and Autonomy in the construction and mining sector, which I have been working on up to date. I discovered that interdisciplinary engineering is very important to any feasible project to come to realisation. I later joined the SES Editorial committee, where I write articles to the Penstrokes JKUAT blog. This has greatly influenced my writing skills to top notch standards of an author.

As an engineering student, I would highly encourage my colleagues to join @jkuatses because it forms a foundation of professionalism especially in the executive committee. It enhances your leadership, management, planning and cognitive skills, where you meet people sharing the same or conflicting ideas, frustrations and challenges as you do, which makes the engineering wheel feel easier and faster to roll. It also forms as a stepping-stone to join professional bodies such as @engineersboardofkenya_ebk and @theiekenya . It also helps you discover your hidden capabilities and undiscovered talents. It is a nice place to be which is highly recommendable and satisfying to all engineering students in JKUAT."