by Mercy kiptuiMarch 23rd, 2021

My name is Mercy Kiptui and I am a proud @jkuatses Alumni.
As I sit writing this article, I just have to think of my day to illustrate what SES has done for me. Today, I work in a building next to the one in which I did my second attachment. It was dope, to say the least. I did EEE and solar was always a blazing issue (pun intended). So, one day, SES Mentorship has a roundtable with Strauss Energy. Due to the hype about the company, I devide to attend. After the session, I walked out with a business card and about a year later, the person who handed me the card became my supervisor. I was so privileged that I suggest the same post to a classmate and the same building to another. In the end, I ended up feeling like I was in the comrade-filled streets of Juja even as I worked elsewhere.
Fast forward to today; I have had the pleasure of exposure: exposure to different people, different possibilities and unlimited potential. I am currently co-running a start-up called Nywele Nyumbani, which is an online platform linking clients to beauticians and allowing the clients to be served in the comfort of their homes. The beauticians currently include hairstylists and nail artists and are majorly women and youth. Looking back, my journey in SES was a rock in a pool, with numerous ripple effects. Through SES, I got passionate about JKUAT Tech Expo and subsequently innovation. And it was at Tech Expo where I first got schooled on what makes a good product and later, was privileged to bag the People’s Choice Awards. It is also in SES where I met at least 1 co-worker whom I have been privileged to work with in my current venture.
Did SES do it all? No. But, it did provide a stepping stone. And it’s only a fool who doesn’t accept an honest leg-up."