by jeff mboyaMArch 9th, 2021

Hey! Your Instagram profile says you are a professional photographer 📸. So picture this :
It’s 6pm on Tuesday and your last lecture of the day has just ended. On your way out, you check your backpack to ensure your "Analog Electronics" book is there; since its mid-semester, there are assignments to submit, CATs to study for, and lab reports to write. You approach your room at the hostel, unlock the door, and walk in. Everything is normal, except that you are unusually tired, don’t feel like an ‘engineering student’, and probably contemplating taking an academic leave, but before you do so, here’s my proposal: Rather than being bagged by this, consider joining me at SCC 100.

Well, I admit it. In my 1st and 2nd year, I didn’t feel like an ‘engineering student’ too (I had imagined I’d work with lasers and the likes) and my Tuesday evenings were pretty much monotonous: take supper-I mean who doesn’t love food, study, sleep. But this was before @_too. introduced me to SES. At SES, I have not only rekindled my enthusiasm for robotics, but also developed a new one in artificial intelligence, formed amazing friendships, met fellow tech enthusiasts (one of whom introduced me to machine learning), redefined my engineering education (I can still recall the “Woooooow!” when my friends and I presented an obstacle avoiding robot to high school students), attended the Institution of Engineers of Kenya conference, and to crown it all, had fun (one time I was eliminated in the first round of musical chairs game😂😂). Let’s face it, SES is a worthwhile experience."