This committee aims to:

Inspire - Former SES members who have grown from the program are invited to share their experiences

Support - Creating a platform where individuals enhance their leadership skills

Guide and coach - Organize meet-ups and seminars for our members and invite industry professionals

Organize workshops and seminars to share ideas with a view to enhance knowledge

We are currently working on the following:

In-house Mentorship - This is a program we started to build a more closely-knit society, to guide first and secondyear students, and give third, fourth, and fifth-year students a chance to share their experience and by it, help the younger students navigate school.

Mentorship Monday - This is done every other Monday. We create posts to tackle a few questions people may have in the area of mentorship such as qualities of a mentor, how to choose a mentor, etc.

Webinars - We are currently researching on events we can hold, with industry professionals, in areas that are relevant to students.