It is obvious we all came from somewhere to get to where we are now. So at The Outreach committee, it’s all about giving back to the community. This is done by organizing outreach and in-reach events

For the in-reach, we invite other people to JKUAT (mostly high school students) and offer mentorship to them about the various engineering courses. This is normally done yearly. We had a successful in-reach event last year, but this year’s was postponed due to the pandemic. On the other hand, outreach events entail going out to help in one way or the other. This could be donating to children’s homes or supporting those who need our help.

Besides just in-reach and outreach, we also do a myriad of activities, such as partnering with other clubs and societies and doing outreach activities together. Our slogan is, ‘Throw smiles like confetti’ because our mission here is to spread joy by giving back. Karibuni Outreach!

The JKUAT SES Outreach Commitee - "Spreading smiles like confetti"