The ultimate purpose of engineering is being able to solve realworld problems. The projects committee equips members with the skills to do just this. This committee aims to build a community that collaborates. This inherently fosters creativity and problems will be solved in a much more effective way.

If you want to see something that has been learnt in class being applied in real life, consider joining this committee. Meetings are usually held every Thursday from 7 pm at SCC 100. In the meetings, various projects are normally demonstrated, and members end up learning a thing or two every Thursday.

sesBoard V1

This is the sesBoard V1, a custom microcontroller board that is Wi-Fi enabled. It is unique in the sense that it has been created by the SES Projects team exclusively and entirely from the ground up. If you want to know more about this board, you can get the information at the JKUATSES Github repository, You can also find more projects there

Furthermore, you can listen to the the projects discussion podcasts, the link is on the sesBoard V1 repository description.(just below the title) . They are available across all devices. If you want to contribute to their projects and you are a Github user, check out the repo at the above link. Also attend the Thursday meetings at SCC 100 , from 7pm, for the projects presentation.